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A user’s guide to masks in Sri Lanka and how to know if its effective.

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A close examination of the types of masks available in the country and its effectiveness against COVID 19. We discuss the positives and negatives of the top 3 types of masks and conclude how you should be making your purchase decisions.

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Stay safe when Sri Lanka re-opens

Posted by C Wickramatunge on

So the day Colombo re-opens has dawned upon us, and while most of us have been waiting for this day, it is going to be far from what it was before we closed. Sri Lanka has kept the pandemic largely in check compared to other countries, but it is far from over. We are likely at the end of the beginning of the pandemic and as such, about to enter a critical phase for both ourselves and our country. So how do we as individuals protect ourselves and our families from this pandemic? I am sure, we have all received...

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