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goodhealth digital blood pressure monitor with pulse indicator - wristband model - GH-CK W133 with 3 month warranty

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  • A Quality BP Meter with a 3 month warranty. Built for regular use. This blood pressure monitor is built with the oscillometric blood pressure measurement mechanism making this meter more accurate than most in the market. The large LCD display clearly indicates your dialostic and systolic BP readings along with your pulse as well. The 90 measurement memory function, stores up to 90 past measurements for easy reference. The auto shut down function switches off the BP meter if unused for more than 60 seconds saving your batteries.
  1. Wristband Model
  2. Measures between 20-280mmHg & Pulse of 40-165/min
  3. Accuracy of +- 3mmHg or +- 2%, Pulse of +- 5% of measured data
  4. LCD Display
  5. Pulse Scanning/Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement Mechanism
  6. Diastolic, Systolic and Pulse Indicators
  7. Wrist circumference - 135 - 195 mm
  8. Time setting function
  9. Uses 2 x AAA batteries
  10. Size: 72mm x 65.8mm x 27mm
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